• Season 2023-2024
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Sleeping Beauty

Ballet of the Opéra de Lyon

  • Dates Nov 12 - Nov 19, 2023
  • Rates From 10€ to 50€
  • Location Opéra de Lyon
  • Running Time 1h30 with no interval
  • Age 12 and above

In a few words

From Tchaikovsky’s famous 1890 ballet, Marcos Morau stretched out a meditation session in which Sleeping Beauty embodies our relation to the passing of time. The rich visual references of this Spanish choreographer turn the princess’ long sleep into an unbridled, wild march.

  • labelleauboisdormant4_r_jeanlouisfernandez_020_vignette.jpg
    La Belle au bois dormant — Extrait


What can we still learn from Sleeping Beauty’s tale and Tchaikovsky’s 1890 adaptation? What would her eyes open on if she were to wake up today? Marcos Morau channelled his love for the reimagining of tales by condensing the material into the theme of time dilation. He imagined a time-warping vortex to produce a show for 13 dancers reflecting reality through a prism of distortion. Sleeping Beauty gathers all the resources of dance, music, costumes and light into a meticulous visual board, reinventing the tale. The stage is overcome by a whirlwind replete with images of ghosts, while the abstract and the incarnate mesh as time spirals out of its bounds. Between illusion and reality, this Sleeping Beauty is an unstoppable, frenetic procession of chaos full of twin figures.

Created in November 2022 for the Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon

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