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By Richard Brunel, CEO and Artistic Director

“Theatre is a food as essential to life as bread and wine… And theatre is therefore, first and foremost, a public service,” said Jean Vilar, founder of the Festival of Avignon in 1947, and then head of a company whose actors went out to schools, works councils, neighbourhood associations – famous actors, such as Gerard Philipe or Jeanne Moreau, who held the people in high esteem, and knew that art and culture, at their most inventive and demanding belong to everyone and should remain the shared property of the Nation.

Recently, we have all had our daily lives turned upside down, and if there is one thing that we can all agree we have missed, it’s this: coming together. Coming Together is at the heart of our commitment. Our main priority is to work and act with those who are a driving force in our local communities, recognising each other’s talents in order to work together better. In a world where we are well aware of how much we depend on each other and our limited resources, we forge new alliances to make sure that culture and creativity play their rightful role in developing and sharing concrete, timely solutions for a future we must imagine and build together.

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