• Season 2023-2024

Season 2023-2024

Festival Rebattre les cartes – Bande-annonce
Festival Rebattre les cartes – Bande-annonce

What if 2023-2024 was a season of boldness and eagerness for first times?
Let us come together this year to endorse imagination and bet on artistic creation.

Discover the new Lyon Opera season and find out more about our opera, dance and music programmes.

For several years now, the Lyon Opera House has been committed to a process of environmental transition and community development in order to contribute to sustainable development and inclusiveness in cultural activities.
To this end, the opera house has been working to bring its processes and working practices into line with its values and artistic mission.


One of the Lyon Opera House’s strengths is its artistic vision, which can be seen in the work of orchestra, the chorus and the ballet - but also in the Children's Choir and the Lyon Opera Studio, both training grounds for future singers.


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