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The artists & the team

One of the Lyon Opera House’s strengths is its artistic vision, which can be seen in the work of orchestra, the chorus and the ballet - but also in the Children's Choir and the Lyon Opera Studio, both training grounds for future singers. In total, more than a hundred artists make up the identity of the Lyon National Opera. And at the heart of all this creativity is a real production company with a set construction workshop, a costume department, craftsmen (make-up artists, hairdressers, props, etc.), stage technicians, production, communication and administrative staff who together make up two-thirds of the workforce.

The Lyon Opera Orchestra

The orchestra is one of the Lyon National Opera’s shining lights, contributing significantly to its reputation ("Best Opera House" and "Opera of the Year" in 2017).

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More than 350 people work every day at the Lyon Opera House, surrounded by numerous artists, craftsmen, technicians and apprentices. That is the equivalent of 125 additional full-time staff each season.


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