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Under the direction of Julie Guibert, the Opéra de Lyon Ballet still endeavours to discover new areas for contemporary creation while continuing to meet the technical demands of the great choreographers. It still finds new ways to celebrate dancing, highlighting the dancers’ interpretations of the choreography. The classically trained company of dancers is fully open to new contemporary writing and the discovery of new aesthetics. Poised between a sense of wonder and a desire for a greater understanding of the world, it plays a local and an international role.


This season marks the start of a new chapter for the Lyon Opera Ballet under director Julie Guibert. Following on from her predecessors Françoise Adret and Yorgos Loukos, who introduced the company to a wide range of styles, Julie Guibert will focus on the different qualities and particularities of the troupe's performers. In addition to its rich repertoire of more than 100 works, the Ballet will continue to seek out new fields of contemporary creation while continuing to meet the demands of leading choreographers such as William Christie and Lucinda Childs, whose iconic Dance is part of this season's programme.

The 2022-23 season highlights new interpretations of traditional works, including choreographer Marco Morau's wild version of Sleeping Beauty, Alessandro Sciarroni's introduction to the uplifting rhythms of Schuhplattler and even hip-hop, thanks to the Ballet's collaboration with the Pockemon Crew company.

The Ballet continues to be a classically trained company that focuses on contemporary works, seeking to create a sense of wonder while referencing the world around us, acting locally but also with international reach, revisiting its back catalogue while breaking new ground.

After the solo series Danser Encore — where 30 choreographers were commissioned to write for the company's 30 dancers — it is looking for new ways to celebrate dance by focusing on how the dancer interprets the choreography.

By highlighting meaning, language, different voices and collaboration with other disciplines — especially music and art — the Ballet is seeking to broaden its current spectrum, providing a counterpoint while acknowledging the choreographer's creative process.

In the spring of 2020, when such a thing seemed impossible, along came the concept of Danser Encore (Keep Dancing), like the first shoots of spring, with its stubborn promise to keep dancing despite everything. Choreographers were invited to write solos for each of the 30 members of Lyon Opera Ballet.

The company will continue to tour throughout France and Europe during the 2023-24 season, performing some of the best-known works in its repertoire.


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