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Canine Jaunâtre 3

  • Choreography
    • Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Ballet of the Opéra de Lyon

  • Dates Mar 5 - Mar 8, 2024
  • Rates From 18€ to 40€
  • Location Maison de la Danse
  • Running Time 2h30 with no interval

In a few words

Choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas has orchestrated the most carnivalesque of sports meets. No competition, no trophies, but lively cyborg bodies elatedly transgressing the frontiers between humans, animals and machines.

  • Canine Jaunâtre 3 by Marlene Monteiro Freitas performed by Batsheva Dance Company, 2018
    Canine Jaunâtre 3 by Marlene Monteiro Freitas performed by Batsheva Dance Company, 2018


Upstage tennis net, scoreboard and whistle blows, the stage is set for a match… which will never begin. Proud of the heritage built on the carnivals she attended as a child in Cabo Verde, Marlene Monteiro Freitas is here to break the way things are. Canine Jaunâtre 3, literally “Yellow Canine 3” is a Lego-like game where seventeen team members/dancers, adorning the same n°3 signs, robotic bodies and cartoon faces, must follow contradictory rules and principles. Do, undo, move forward, move back, these wonderful virtuosos with no apparent purpose, interchangeable yet perfectly distinct, progressively lead the human race into uncharted territories, where frontiers between humans, animals and machines are blurred. A useful training session to question our overly cushy perception habits.

Created in 2018
Added to the repertoire

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