• Season 2022-2023
  • Danse
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William Forsythe Evening

The Lyon Opera Ballet

  • Dates Jun 24 - Jun 29, 2023
  • Rates From 10 to 40 €
  • Location Opéra de Lyon
  • Running Time 1h20, including 1 interval
  • Age Suitable for 10 years old and above

In a few words

Three pieces, three different atmospheres, offering a snapshot of William Forsythe's creative universe. On this evening dedicated to “the most European of American choreographers”, the Lyon Opera Ballet demonstrates the palpable exhilaration of three of his masterpieces.

  • Soirée William Forsythe - extraits
    Soirée William Forsythe - extraits


N.N.N.N. (2002), Quintett (1993) and One Flat Thing, reproduced (2000): these three works from the U.S. master allow us to dive into William Forsythe’s complex universe. N.N.N.N., a quartet for four male dancers that explores the different combinations of the human anatomy — producing a counterpoint of movements and sounds, like a kind of living percussion. Quintett, an intimate, dark work, which has the dancers spinning to Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet by Gavin Bryars, using all the variations possible between the five dancers. And One Flat Thing, reproduced, a vast abstract work, bordering on an art installation, that allows Forsythe to play a game of breathtaking combinations: a choreographic fugue for 14 dancers and 20 tables.

  1. Quintett

    Quintett, un ensemble intimiste et crépusculaire qui fait tournoyer les êtres sur l’œuvre musicale de Gavin Bryars, Jesus’ Blood never failed me yet – jouant de toutes les variations possibles entre les cinq danseurs.

  2. N.N.N.N.

    N.N.N.N., un quatuor pour quatre interprètes masculins, qui explore les combinaisons de l’anatomie humaine – produisant un contrepoint de mouvements et de sons, à la manière d’une percussion vivante.

  3. One Flat Thing, reproduced

    One Flat Thing, Reproduced, grande fresque abstraite à la frontière de l’installation plastique, qui permet à Forsythe de déployer un jeu de combinatoires vertigineux ; une fugue chorégraphique pour 20 tables et 14 danseurs.

Quintett 26 min
Entracte 20 min
N.N.NN. 17 min
One Flat Thing, reproduced 18 min

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