• Season 2022-2023
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Bluthaus (Blood House)

The Lyon Opera Orchestra

  • Dates Mar 24 - Mar 26, 2023
  • Rates From 17€ to 34€
  • Location Théâtre National Populaire
  • Running Time 2h without an interval

In a few words

This intimate and political musical drama, a co-production with the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, is a tale of redemption, symbolised by the sale of a childhood home. Hidden behind the horrors and secrets is a tragedy marked by family violence in which suffering is expressed through music.

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    Trailer zu BLUTHAUS


In 2011, the composer Georg Friedrich Haas and his librettist Händl Klaus created an opera for four singers, 14 actors and a symphony orchestra, about a real estate transaction: Nadja putting her deceased parents' house up for sale. A beautiful house in Lower Austria, whose bloody secrets we gradually learn: Nadja was abused by her father as a child, and her mother killed her husband before slitting her own throat. Nadja herself is now incapable of love. The voices of Nadja, the dead parents and the estate agent merge with the polyphony of the actors and strange sounds from the orchestra pit to create a surprisingly original drama. German director Claus Guth interweaves the heartbreaking laments of women doomed to hell because they do not know how to love, a madrigal and a court ballet by Claudio Monteverdi with the original score, like an intimate memory from centuries past.


In German and Italian with French surtitles

A musical drama for voices, 10 actors and orchestra
Libretto by Händl Klaus,
Version 2011-2014 with Il ballo delle ingrate / Lamento della Ninfa (Madrigali Guerrieri ed Amorosi, Libro ottavo, 1638) by Claudio Monteverdi

First performance in France
New production
A co-production between the Lyon Opera and the Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich)
In partnership with the Théâtre National Populaire

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