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An opera by Guiseppe Verdi - Director: Barrie Kosky - Conductor: Daniele Rustioni

  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 2 hours 30 minutes
    whose1 intermission (s)
  • In Italian
  • Subtitled

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Verdi, drawing from two Shakespeare plays, delivers a colourful work with a singular message: the world is a joke and man a fool. Through Barrie Kosky’s staging and its delightful yet melancholy hero, Falstaff aptly mocks our contemporary problems. 

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Riddled with debt, Falstaff tries to seduce two rich bourgeois women, sending them both the same ridiculously passionate note. When they learn of the deception, they take revenge by inviting him to a fake Witches’ Sabbath that ends in humiliation for him. Falstaff takes refuge in laughter to hide his distress. 

A contemporary Falstaff 
Falstaff, created in 1893 at La Scala, is Verdi's last Shakespearean hero. The composer had imagined Aida would be his last score, but a meeting with Boito, Shakespeare's Italian translator, convinced him to continue working. Verdi was 80 years old when he tackled this very modern comic masterpiece. Here, with neither prelude nor overture, Verdi plunges straight into the action, using a wide variety of styles and ingenious dramatic devices. While respecting the requirements of theatrical writing, Verdi offers rich vocal lines with refined melodies and dizzying rhythms. From the podium, conductor Daniele Rustioni uses his extensive knowledge of the Italian composer to enhance the lyricism of the score. A real challenge for the performer, the role of Falstaff is one of the highlights of the vocal repertoire. Director Barrie Kosky makes him a seducer, a gourmet and a flirt, a toxic predator, with his own weaknesses, who resonates strongly with today’s audiences. 

A comic opera in three acts
Libretto by Arrigo Boito after Shakespeare

New production
Co-production Festival d'Aix-en-Provence, Bolshoi Theater, Komische Oper Berlin

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  • Daniele Rustioni, chef d'orchestre principal de l'Opéra de Lyon


  • Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2021- © Monika Rittershaus
  • Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2021- © Monika Rittershaus
  • Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2021- © Monika Rittershaus
  • Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2021- © Monika Rittershaus
  • Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2021- © Monika Rittershaus
  • Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2021- © Monika Rittershaus


Sets and Costumes

Katrin Lea Tag


Franck Evin


Olaf A. Schmitt

Chef de chœurs

Anass Ismat

Sir John Falstaff

Christopher Purves

Fenton, a young gentleman

Juan Francisco Gatell

Doctor Caïus

Francesco Pittari

Alice Ford

Carmen Giannattasio


Giulia Semenzato

Mrs Quickly

Daniela Barcellona


Rodolphe Briand


Antonio di Matteo

Why we love it

Whether it be Othello, Macbeth and Falstaff, the mix of Verdi and Shakespeare is always an explosive one.

Why we love it

Barrie Kosky and conductor Daniele Rustioni's version of Falstaff is dazzling.

Why we love it

Falstaff' is a pinnacle of the vocal repertoire.

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