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  • 45 minutes
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Rediscover composer Francis Poulenc ("Poupoule" to his friends) in a lively musical show which showcases the many melodies he composed for some of the greatest French poets of the 20th century.

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"Poupoule" is the nickname Jean Cocteau gave to his friend, the composer Francis Poulenc,  a
musician who, among other projects, worked a lot with the poets of his time: Cocteau, of
course, but also Maurice Carême, Aragon, Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Jean Nohain, Garcia Lorca ... It is this facet of Poupoule’s work that is featured in this show.

Musical painting
The pianist Francis Poulenc, one of the greatest French composers of the first half of the 20th century, had many poets as friends. So many that he composed more than a hundred works for his friends' poems, where the interplay between music and voice highlights the texts with simplicity and humour. It is this aspect that Aïe Aïe Aïe seeks to share with its young audience in Poupoule. A concert for mezzo-soprano (Justine Curatolo) and piano, accompanied by animated images, inspired by Poulenc’s compositions, the poems he sets to music but also the pictorial tastes of a musician who loved to "paint musically". Projected onto the set, the graphics join with voice and music to reflect the playful plurality of Poupoule’s world.

Premiered in October 2019 at the Festival Marmaille Rennes.
Co-productions : Lillico, Rennes, Le Grain de sel in Séné, Festival Prom'nons nous (56)
Supported by : Le Forum in Nivillac, the Saint-Grégoire Médiathèque, MJC Pacé
AIE AIE AIE is funded by France’s Ministry of Culture and Brittany’s DRAC. It receives additional support from Brittany’s regional council,  the Ille-et-Vilaine departmental council and the city of Rennes.
Justine Curatolo’s artistic projects are recognised by Onda.

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Music by Francis Poulenc

Poems by Jean Cocteau, Maurice Carême, Laurence De Beylié, Louis Aragon, Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Federico Garcia Lorca, Jean Nohain...

Creator, singer, illustrator

Justine Curatolo


Elisa Bellanger

Illustrations and animation

Marion Auvin

Lighting design and video concept

Sébastien Sidaner


Gwendal Ollivier

Artistic adviser

Achille Grimauld

Why we love it

Because it’s an opportunity to rediscover the work and imagination of a great composer.

Why we love it

Because Poupoule invites us to revisit in music and images the rich and unsettling world of one of the golden ages of French 20th century poetry.

Why we love it

Because the structure of the show and Poulenc’s playful melodies appeal to both adults and children alike.