• Season 2023-2024
  • Opera
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Children’s Chorus and Orchestra of the Opéra de Lyon

  • Dates May 22 - Jun 1, 2024
  • Rates From 14€ to 27€
  • Location Théâtre de La Renaissance - Oullins, Théâtre Théo Argence
  • Running Time 1h with no interval
  • Age 8 and above

In a few words

How can children and a couple animals defeat a tyrant? By joining forces, brains and courage. For Jeanne Candel, who directed this opera made by and for children, “Brundibár is first and foremost an experience of resistance.” .

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    Brundibár - Extrait


The German chapter of the Romantic era was a groundbreaking one, with a concentration of folk music and legends, a treasure largely ignored by the educated class. Such ethnological material turned out to be immensely prolific, with results such as Des Knaben Wunderhorn, a collection by Clemens Brentano and Achim von Arnim with music by Gustav Mahler, or Hans Krása’s adaptations from tales by the Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel and The Town Musicians of Bremen. The weak, vulnerable heroes of such tales emerge victorious through solidarity, intelligence, and stratagems operated on those who hold the power to inflict death. Such is the message contained in Brundibár, created by and for children, first performed at the Terezín ghetto in 1942. Director Jeanne Candel describes the piece at as “an experience of resistance”. Whatever the outcome, resistance is essential. Krása died in 1944 in the Auschwitz gas chambers, because he was Jewish and considered to be a “degenerate musician”; yet his work has survived.


In French

Children’s opera in 2 acts
First performed in Prague in 1942
Libretto by Adolf Hoffmeister

Co-production Théâtre Théo Argence Saint-Priest and Théâtre de la Renaissance- Oullins, Lyon

Production Opéra de Lyon 2016

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Jun 28 - Jun 30, 2024
Riyad Fghani

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