Peer Gynt

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Peer Gynt

Opera As a family

An opera by Edvard Grieg - Director : Angélique Clairand - Conductor : Elena Schwarz

  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • In French
  • Subtitled
  • +10years

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Peer Gynt represents the coming together of two Norwegian geniuses - Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg - to recount the trials and tribulations of a liar. Director Angélique Clairand offers us a different version of the work, conducted by rising star Elena Schwarz, focussing on identity and the cruelty of reality.

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À propos

Frustrated with his life, Peer Gynt invents an imaginary world that allows him to escape an unbearable reality. Constantly wavering between courage and cowardice, this anti-hero in search of dreams and identity overcomes the obstacles he encounters during his quest either by running away or by lying. 

Personal odyssey 
Written by Ibsen in 1866, Peer Gynt is a classic piece of theatre that has been staged in many different ways. The strength of the epic, the mysterious nature of the main character, the poetry of the language and of the situations and the philosophical themes give the work an undeniable theatrical power, sublimated by Grieg’s music, performed for the first time in 1876 and inspired by Norwegian folk tunes. Angélique Clairand had already adapted Peer Gynt in 2009 in a compact stage version with musical accompaniment by a smaller ensemble. The project here is quite different since there is a permanent dialogue, with a text performed by a group of actors. The music is performed by the Lyon Opera Orchestra, soloists and the opera’s Children’s Choir. In this new staging, the question of Peer’s lies is coupled with a reflection on identity, with his stories seen more as an ode to fantasy and his inner journey, as well as a tribute to the dreamers of this world. A personal odyssey buried deep in the hero's subconscious

A poetic drama set to music
Based on the play by Henrik Ibsen

New production

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Elena Schwarz


Angélique Clairand


Anouk Dell’Aiera


Bruno De Lavenère


Laurent Castaingt


Catherine Ailloud-Nicolas

Peer Gynt

Jérémy Lopez, sociétaire de la Comédie- Française

Åase, his mother

Martine Schambacher

The Mountain King

Jean-Philippe Salerio

Orchestre, Chœurs et Maîtrise de l’Opéra de Lyon

Why we love it

Peer Gynt, Henrik Ibsen's flagship work, is a beautiful reflection on identity and the dreamlike power of the unconscious.

Why we love it

Angélique Clairand's staging knows how to be both intimate and epic.

Why we love it

This orchestral version of the score is conducted by rising star Elena Schwarz.

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