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Irrelohe (Feu follet)

Opera Festival

An opera by Franz Schreker - Director : David Bösch - Conductor : Bernhard Kontarsky

  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 2 hours 40 minutes
    whose1 intermission (s)
  • In German
  • Subtitled

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Franz Schreker, emblematic composer of the Weimar Republic,  in 1924 produced Irrelohe, a tragic tale of toxic love that the public can now rediscover in this new production by David Bösch.

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À propos

In 18th-century Germany, Count Heinrich is in love with the wholesome and pure Eva. However, because of a family curse, he fears being consumed by a murderous madness if he gives in to his feelings. The count’s neurotic love arouses the jealousy of Peter, Eva's suitor, and the hostility of Christobald. A rivalry that will end with Heinrich Castle in flames.
Schreker the Forsaken 
A major musical figure of the Weimar Republic, Schreker was well known in his time. As the author of a work marked by morbidity, self-destruction and sexuality which owes a lot to Wagner and Strauss and shines through the richness of its musical palette, Schreker had a huge success with Der ferne Klang (The Distant Sound). But Irrelohe, created in 1924, the year Hitler was imprisoned for his failed coup, was the swansong of the then eminent director of the Berlin Music College. Once the Nazis came to power, he became an outcast, a symbol of "degenerate music" (Entartete Musik) and decadent internationalism, who was also “guilty” of being Jewish. He was in fact an emblematic forerunner of Jugendstil, which heralded, 30 years ahead of its time, the Hollywood music of the 50s. A specialist in German composers of the 20s and 30s and Entartete Musik, director David Bösch offers this unjustly condemned genius and his Irrelohe - which could be translated as "mad flame" - a resurrection worthy of the work’s power.

An opera in three acts by Franz Schreker
Libretto by the composer
New production

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Why we love it

Although he disappeared into oblivion after his death in 1934, Schreker was the equal of Richard Strauss.

Why we love it

Irrelohe is the last embers of an infinitely rich period for this impressionist-expressionist.

Why we love it

This is the opportunity to see the work of David Bösch, who has already directed the same composer’s The Stigmatised at the Lyon Opera House.

Why we love it

Bernhard Kontarsky's conducting sublimates the composer's sensual score.

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