from 15€ to 28€

Opéra Underground

Algérie/Maroc/Mauritanie/Sahara occidental

  • Grande salle de l'Opéra
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 20:00


Sahariennes celebrates the common heritage of women from Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Western Sahara. 
Beyond the conflicts that too often define relations between their respective countries, these Saharan women share similar traditions and a desire to make their voices heard as artists. 
The music on all four sides of these desert borders - sacred and profane, drawing from Berber, Tuareg, or Gnawa traditions - belongs to a large community. By pooling this heritage and using it to create new works, these women show an artistic solidarity that pays little or no heed to daily problems or geopolitical adversity. Noura Mint Seymali, who comes from a family of griots (traditional bards), is the great Mauritanian singer of her generation. Singer Aziza Brahim brings her experience as a Sahrawi refugee while remaining an artist turned resolutely towards the future. Souad Asla is campaigning to promote the musical heritage of Algerian women with the all-female Lemma ensemble, among others. Malika Zarra is a Moroccan singer who divides her time between Morocco, France and the U.S. and who has collaborated with many other artists.
With this show, these Saharan women offer us a new artistic adventure, combining solidarity with celebration.

Part of Africa 2020, a season of African culture in France.