SCHNITTKE PARADE - Pour cinq musiciens au mètre carré

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As a family 2019-20

Le Piano Ambulant

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 1 hour
  • +9years

With Alfred Schnittke’s fascinating music and its usual dose of craziness, the Piano Ambulant company explores everyday community life, within a space of five square metres.

  • 15:00
  • 17:00

À propos

As in Communist Russia, where the inhabitants lived grouped together in communitarian apartments, a forced cohabitation can lead to comical situations. Especially when two sworn enemies have to share the same living quarters. When concentrated into a minimum number of square metres, human behaviours then create tragi-comic scenes.

A highly inventive musical show 
Considered to be the leading figure of modern Soviet music, Alfred Schnittke composed ludic pieces, made up of juxtapositions and musical collages. Among the best-known are his “Sketches”, a mixture of varied aesthetics, rather like those communitarian apartments of the ex-U.S.S.R., in which dissimilar individuals lived together. Known for its theatrical fantasy and daring ear, the Piano Ambulant company has adopted this flamboyant score and enriched it impertinently. Directed by Claire Truche, the show examines our capacity to preserve an intimacy and an individuality, when a single thought-process dominates. At a time when everyone knows everything about their neighbours, without even knowing them, via social media for example, having a private life has become extremely complicated.

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Stage direction

Claire Truche


Collectif Le Piano Ambulant

Piano, keyboards

Sylvie Dauter

Flute, piccolo

Christine Comtet

Violin, synthesizer

Antoinette Lecampion

Hautbois, cajón

François Salès

Cello, bass guitar

Joël Schatzman


Emmanuel Sauldubois


Céline Pigeot

Pourquoi on aime

La rencontre fertile entre la musique d’Alfred Schnittke et le théâtre musical du Piano Ambulant.

Pourquoi on aime

À la folle énergie des personnages répond celle de la partition qui déborde d’inventions.

Pourquoi on aime

Une invitation à préserver notre vie privée dans un monde où tout se sait.