Master Musicians of Jajouka

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The Beat writer William Burroughs called them a “4,000-year-old rock and roll band”, Paul Bowles, the Rolling Stones and Patti Smith have been fascinated by their rituals and, in 1968, Brian Jones made them famous by recording their first album: “Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka”. The musicians of the village of Jajouka, in the Moroccan Rif, play millenary music, associated with Sufism and trance rituals, or, as the legend has it, the rites of the god Pan. Like Gnawa or Qawwali music, the advantage of the rituals of the musicians of Jajouka is that they can be experienced without being linked to any religious practices. Bachir Attar, the son of Hadj Abdesalam Attar, the leader of the historic group in the 1960s, sticks to a traditional instrumentation, while remaining aware of the expectations of Western audiences, whom he has been frequenting since his first encounter with a Rolling Stone, at the age of five.

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