Lemma et Fanfarai Big Band

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Opéra Underground

Masculin féminin algérien

  • Grande salle de l'Opéra
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 20:00


Founded by the singer and musician Souad Asla, in the company of women from the Western Sahara, the group’s avowed mission is to conserve a rich heritage of nomadic influences. Three generations gather and transmit forms of music that mark the life of the Saoura. Adopting types of music which were once exclusively male – from Diwan to Malhun, from Zeffani to Gnawi, from Hadra to Ferda or else Ahidus – they draw their strength from songs and rhythms coming as much from the slaves of the Empire of Soudan as from Berber and Bedouin tribes.

Founded in 2005, this big band of 12 Franco-Maghrebin musicians allies a brass section with the goblet drum, the oud and the Gnawa guembri. Inspired by Andalusian classical, Gnawa, Berber or Chaabi heritages, their ambition is to revisit the spirit of great traditional festivities

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direction artistique, chant percussions, danse

Souad Asla

chant, guembri, guitare

Hasna El Becharia

chant, derbouka, t’bal, bendir, karkabou

Aziza Tahri

chant, bendir, karkabou, choeur

Fatima Abbi

bendir, karkabou, chœur

Khedidja Anebi

chant, bendir, karkabou

Mebrouka Brik

t’bal, bendir, karkabou, pestle, choeur

Rabia Boughazi

bendir, karkabou, danse, chœur

Sabrina Cheddad

chant, t’bal, bendir, karkabou, danse

Zohra Kharabi


percussions trad., oud, chœur

Samir Inal

trompette, bugle, chœur

Patrick Touvet

chant, violon

Bouabdellah Khelifi

trompette, bugle

Guillaume Rouillard

percussions trad., gumbri, chant

Abdelkader Tab

saxophones ténor, baryton, chœur

Olivier Combrouze

saxophone alto, flûte, cornemuse, chœur

Emmanuel Le Houezec

saxophone soprano, percussions, chœur

Mehdi Chaib

Trombone (ou tuba),  chœur

Antoine Giraud

basse (ou guitare), chœur

Didier Combrouze


Vincent Theard

batterie, percussions

Hervé Le Bouche

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