Each to his own

For those who know the opera house and for those who are discovering it for the first time, for those who decide at the last minute, for those who would like to invite a friend, for those who don’t want to miss out, for those who can’t organize themselves more than 2 days in advance, for those who just want to discover, the opera house has options for everyone.

The Carte Blanche

Carte blancheDo you have a great desire for freedom, while being advised and accompanied ? With a Carte Blanche, you can reserve your tickets during the season, according to your availabilities, you will benefit a 15% reduction reductions for all the shows as well as guidance to discover the programme.



Your advantages

•    A 15% reduction on all the seats.
•    A card for 2 people.
•    Seats available throughout the season.
•    Free exchanges up to 24h before the performance.
•    Advice and guidance: our teams will help you to choose your shows and every month you will receive a fresh newsletter (with exclusive dates, news and vital moments…).

How does it work ?

•    Price of the card: 30€ valid for one year counting from the purchase date
•    Buy your Carte Blanche online
•    Then reserve your seats at the Carte Blanche rate online.