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Zylan ne chantera plus (Zylan won’t sing again)

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Zylan ne chantera plus will be presented by the Lyon Opera at the Théâtre du Point du Jour, and also, as part of this theatre’s Nomades season, in different parts of the city, the Greater Lyon area and  towns and villages throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


In an authoritarian country, homosexuality is considered a crime and harshly repressed. Thus Zylan, a young pop singer, is persecuted, pursued. When he disappears, his family begins to receive videos recorded in a free and democratic country where he is now supposed to be living happily, having arrived safe and sound. 

Universal reach 
Zylan is first and foremost a true story. That of a young homosexual singer who became a pop star in his country. Arrested then imprisoned, he eventually disappeared. Inspired by this story, Yann Verburgh wrote the text of the work, posing questions about homophobic hatred and the danger, sometimes fatal, it poses to its victims. The work, universal in scope, mixes spoken and sung voices and is directed by Richard Brunel. A singer-actor and three instruments - cello, guitar and percussion - bring this story to life from a score full of passion and imagination by Diana Soh, a creative musical force in the Ligeti tradition. Intended for all audiences from teenagers upwards, this committed opera denounces and echoes the violence suffered in various parts of our world by those whose sexual orientation is deemed to be dissident.

Tuesday Nov. 16 – Venue to be announced. Part of the Théâtre du Point du Jour’s Nomades season.
Thursday Nov. 18 – Venue to be announced. Part of the Théâtre du Point du Jour’s Nomades season.