Johan Man © Daniel Dorsa / East

Pierre Pontvianne / Russell Maliphant / Yuval Pick


BEASTS / Two Times Seven / There's a blue bird in my heart

  • Toboggan, Décines
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
    whose1 intermission (s)

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Three choreographers, three different universes demonstrating the vitality of contemporary creation, the diversity of its languages and its possibilities, in an evening that plays on the balance between skill and research.

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BEASTS: necessity makes dance
"The friction between words and dance", is what interests Pierre Pontvianne, who continues here the research he began with his piece MASS on the relationship between dance and text. The Saint-Etienne choreographer thus develops a language, a singular vision of movement, made of collisions and tilts whose virtuoso poetic manifestations translate an authentic political dimension which could be summed up by the question: "to what necessity is dance a response?"

Two Times Seven, abstractions of interactions
A piece created for seven dancers in which Russell Maliphant pursues his questioning of the interactions and balance between bodies. Under the geometric halos designed by Michael Hulls, the arms, feet and oval of the face of the dancers come to life, while the rest of the body remains in darkness. There follows a prolonged chain of positioning and extensions, simultaneous or not, offering an abstract composition of movements characteristic of the English choreographer’s style.

There's a bluebird in my heart, poetry between bodies
Back in the very place he was a dancer, Yuval Pick, now director of the CCN de Rillieux, continues to develop a singular language, based on a poem by Charles Bukowski, Blue bird, spoken by Tom O'Bedlam. Read over an electronic soundtrack, the poem controls the bodies of the eight dancers and their way of being together. A way for the choreographer to explore a question that is dear to him, that of the “space between”, the in-between.  

BEASTS et There’s a blue bird in my heart

Two Times Seven

Co-production Toboggan – Décines

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Choreography and Costumes

Pierre Pontvianne


Valérie Colas


Pierre Treille

Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Cast Two Times Seven

Choreography and Costumes

Russell Maliphant

Collaboration on Choreography and Costumes

Dana Maliphant


Michael Hulls


Andrew Ellis


Andy Cowton

Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Cast There’s a blue bird in my heart


Sébastien Lefèvre

Sound Creation

Max Bruckert

Production Design

Bénédicte Jolys


Paul Andriamana

Why we love it

This is the opportunity to vibrate in sync with the vitality of contemporary creation.

Why we love it

In three works, we’re given three radically different invitations to dance.

Why we love it

These three pieces highlight the diversity of languages at work in choreography.

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