Lukas Timulak / Jiri Kylian

© Mohamed Mondher Mejri

Lukáš Timulak / Jiří Kylián


Darkness - Light - Darkness / 14'20'' / Gods and Dogs

  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 1 hour 40 minutes
    whose1 intermission (s)

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An evening in three stages to discover the work of the Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián and one of his disciples, the Slovak Lukáš Timulak, who question the reality of the world through dance and examine the body’s different states in time and space.

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Darkness - Light - Darkness, the organization of nature
A former dancer at NDT I and II and at the Monte-Carlo Ballet, Lukáš Timulak’s work is characterized by its focus on the fluidity and continuity of movement. The third part of a trilogy which examines the relations between the visible and invisible worlds, Darkness - Light - Darkness is inspired by the cycles of nature and explores the principles of organization and causality they contain. It also answers the question of how to create stability in the perpetual movement of matter in our ecosystem?

14'20'': the inexplicable time
14'20'' is an extract, a shorter version of the fascinating 27'52'' - both titles reveal the running time -  pure dance flow where the gestures operate almost like a chain  reaction (to a Dirk Haubrich score based on a work by Mahler). A duet on the theme of love, change and, deep down, time: this indefinable entity, at the same time "very simple, incredibly complicated and completely inexplicable" which governs our lives and which fascinates the Czech choreographer.

Gods and Dogs, "the healthy part of madness"
As the rhyme in its title indicates, Gods and Dogs, Jiří Kylián’s 100th creation and already 10 years old, explores the limits, invisible and porous , between opposites and extremes, those of perfection and animality, those which separate "normality and dementia, health and disease, and all the determining criteria of one and the other". In short, what Kylián calls "the healthy part of madness". To Beethoven's first string quartet and Dirk Haubrich's original compositions, eight dancers cross different physical and emotional states, in a nervous and precise gestural repertoire emphasized by videos projected directly onto their bodies.

Darkness - Light - Darkness

14′ 20′′

Gods and Dogs

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  • 14'20'' / Gods and Dogs

    Extrait du spectacle

  • 14'20'' 14'20'' - © Jean-Louis Fernandez
  • 14'20'' 14'20'' - © Jean-Louis Fernandez
  • 14'20'' 14'20'' - © Jean-Louis Fernandez

Darkness – Light – Darkness


Lukáš Timulak


Tom Visser


Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin), Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann)

Production Design

Peter Bilak


Annemarije van Harten

14′ 20′′


Kees Tjebbes et Loes Schakenboss


Dirk Haubrich, d’après deux thèmes de Gustav Mahler


Joke Visser

Gods And Dogs


Jiří Kylián (concept), Dirk Haubrich (composition) : Ludwig van Beethoven


Tatsuo Unemi, Daniel Bisig


Dag Johan Haugerud, Cecilie Semec

Why we love it

This evening allows us to explore the world of Jiří Kylián and one of his illustrious former dancers at NDT.

Why we love it

This program is a beautiful distillation of the philosophical concerns at work in contemporary choreography.

Why we love it

These three pieces have been entrusted to the Lyon Opera Ballet, a fine connoisseur of such work.

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