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  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 45 minutes
  • +3years

Soupe Compagnie seeks to develop young children’s imagination through this adaptation of Blexbolex’s successful picture-book into a wonderful puppet and paper show that plays with the codes of storytelling.

  • 15:00
  • 17:00

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In the beginning, there is just the school, the house and the road that connects them, where we find "The Stranger". The route is the same every day, but becomes more interesting as we meet new characters: the witch, the queen and the robbers make the path more and more complicated and eventually become protagonists in their own right, opening the door to adventure. 

Romance is a faithful adaptation of a successful children’s picture book by Blexbolex. Soupe Compagnie director Eric Domenicone offers us an educational tale for young children. Made of pop-ups, puppets brought to life by two actress-puppeteers, splendid screen prints and drop shadow effects, the scenes repeat themselves and multiply; words come together and change their meaning; the set becomes a character in its own right. Little by little, Romance unrolls a universe that is constantly reinventing itself, that invites its heroes but also the audience to overcome their fears and doubts, to play with codes, popular narratives and storytelling and become more adaptable. But also, as in the original book, to seek their own path and their own story in dreams and the imaginary.

Soupe Compagnie is funded by France’s Grand Est region.
Production: Soupe Compagnie
Co-productions : La Passerelle – Rixheim (68), La Méridienne - Lunéville (54), Théâtre Ici&Là - Mancieulles (54), La C.C.A.S., Mil Tamm - Pontivy (56)
Support and partners : Petits Bonheurs et Les Casteliers – Montréal, Canada, Alsace Cultural Agency – Espace Scène d’Alsace (67), Théâtre Gérard Philipe, Théâtre Dunois (75), Kolbsheim (67)
Financial support and subsidies : SPEDIDAM, Grand Est region

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  • Romance © Marine Drouard
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  • Romance © David Schaffer
  • Romance © Marine Drouard


Text and images


Adaptation, staging and puppets

Yseult Welschinger et Eric Domenicone


Eric Domenicone


Yseult Welschinger, Faustine Lancel et Chris Caridi

Original score and sound effects

Antoine Arlot et Pierre Boespflug

Pop-ups and scenery

Eric Domenicone, Daniel Trento et Yseult Welschinger


Daniel Trento

Lighting design

Chris Caridi


Marine Drouard

Set construction

Olivier Benoit

construction Assistants

Eloïse Rey et Coline Esnaunt

Why we love it

Because Romance transposes traditional storytelling into a subtle blend of stage elements.

Why we love it

Because adults can also happily lose themselves in this tale for children.

Pour les fêtes

Because this very visual and musical show celebrates above all the liberating power of words.