A Musical Stroll with the Toubifri Orchestra


As a family

  • 45 minutes
  • +8years

The Toubifri Orchestra, very much an all-terrain ensemble, is back, but this time as a marching band, taking us on a musical stroll. 

  • 15:00
  • 17:00


The Toubifri Orchestra, bored of being stuck performing indoors, decides to get some fresh air and invites us to follow it through the city streets along a whimsical, haphazard route, both physically and musically speaking. Playful and mischievous. 

Brass storm 
The 18 musicians of The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra had already made the walls of the Lyon Opera shake in December 2019 with La Grande Expérimentale. Never short of ideas, this time they’ve decided to take advantage of their “anything goes” profile (jazz, improvisation and just about any sound you can get out of an instrument) to restage The Great Escape and invite the public, including any passers-by, along. The idea is to make the parks, gardens, streets and courtyards part of a delightful musical journey. Split into two groups, each led by three musicians, the public strolls from one musical experience to another: a solo siren, a drum battle, a brass storm, as well as jokes and oddities played on toy instruments or non-musical objects. An interactive and entertaining performance that inevitably closes with a typically explosive Toubifri finale.

The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra thanks Adami, Spedidam, the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region, SACEM and CNV for their support.

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  • Toubi_deambulation © Paul Bourdrel
  • Toubi_deambulation © Paul Bourdrel
  • Toubi_deambulation © Paul Bourdrel
  • Toubi_deambulation © Paul Bourdrel


Flute, piccolo

Mathilde Bouillot


Laurent Vichard

Baritone Saxophone

Stéphanie Aurieres et Thibaut Fontana

Handheld siren, homemade musical saw, metallophone, voices

Antoine Mermet et Benjamin Nid

Soprano saxophone

Yannick Narejos

Bass clarinet

Yannick Pirri


Emmanuelle Legros et Félicien Bouchot


Aloïs Benoit

Bass drum, percussion

Grégory Julliard

Metallophone, percussion, backing vocals

Mélissa Acchiardi

Electric piano

Anne Quillier

Guitar, backing vocals

François Mignot

Guitar, vocals

Lucas Hercberg

Metallophone, snare drum, percussion, megaphone

Corentin Quemener

Toy instruments, sound effects, battery-operated synths, microphone, effects pedals

Lionel Aubernon

Accordion, metallophone, percussion, backing vocals

Alice Perret

Why we love it

Because you can always rely on the Toubifri Orchestra to surprise you

Why we love it

Because it’s pretty unusual to set off on a stroll around the Lyon Opera with musicians

Why we love it

Because it’s a great opportunity to see and, above all, listen to the city in a different way.