The Call of the Wild

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  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 45 minutes
  • +6years

TaCtus and illustrator Marion Cluzel have adapted Jack London’s famous novel as a live illustrated concert, a poetic work that, unusually, puts drawing at the centre of a live show.

  • 15:00
  • 17:00

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The story :
Buck, a family pet, is stolen from his owner Judge Miller and sold to become a sled dog. He learns to survive pack life and the harsh conditions of northern Canada, where he meets John, his new master. When John is killed by Native Americans, Buck finally succumbs to “the call of the wild” and joins a wolf pack.

Percussion and pencils
Jack London wrote The Call of the Wild, one of his greatest successes, published in 1903, after working as a prospector in the Klondike Gold Rush. In 2016, percussion group TaCtus and illustrator Marion Cluzel adapted the story for a live illustrated concert. Buck’s journey is narrated by actor Jacques Verzier, accompanied by an original score for three percussionists. But it is drawing, an art seldom seen as part of a live performance, which forms the core of this project. Marion Cluzel brings Buck’s adventures to life as we hear them. A show which, in substance as well as form, invites us to reflect on how mixing different arts can give rise to a common language between them as well as a dialogue with the audience.

Premiered in October 2016
TaCTus Ensemble  
Sacem Young Audience Label
Co-production: Théâtre des Clochards Célestes
With the support of : Les Subsistances - Lyon, Spedidam, SACEM and ADAMI.

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Based on the novel by Jack London

Directed, adapted and composed

Quentin Dubois

Regard complice

Elisabeth St Blancat

Live drawing and illustration

Marion Cluzel


Ying-Yu Chang, Raphaël Aggery / Théo His-Mahier (en alternance), Quentin Dubois


Jacques Verzier

Audio and video creation

Pierre Olympieff

Lighting design

Jean-Yves Pillone

Costume design

Emilie Piat

Why we love it

Because even the very young can understand this adaptation.

Pour les fêtes

Because the show also speaks to the child in all of us.

Why we love it

Because TaCtus and Marion Cluzel have found the perfect mix between a composition for percussion and live drawing.