31 rue Vandenbranden

Peeping Tom

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31 rue Vandenbranden

  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 1 hour 20 minutes

Conceived for the Opéra de Lyon ballet in 2018, this version of 32 rue Vandenbranden marks a return to the stage for the cult piece by Brussels company Peeping Tom.

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À propos

In a post-apocalyptic looking dead end stand a few shacks, some dilapidated caravans and makeshift shelters left to weather the cold and the wind. A handful of inhabitants live there, in extreme conditions, far from everything, amid the loneliness and boiling passion which take them to the gates of madness and perdition.

A choreographic roller-coaster
For this version, which entered the Opéra de Lyon ballet repertoire in September 2018, Gabriela Carrizio and Franck Chartier, the founders of Peeping Tom, have adapted their thit 32 rue Vandenbranden for 15 dancers, inspired, most notably in its snowy set, by Narayama's Ballad of Imamura. In this theater of cruelty that digs deep into the question of loneliness, Peeping Tom probes our most shameful impulses, deep in our souls. To skilfully distorted musical classics (Stravinsky’s Firebird, Pink Floyd), the bodies contort, substituting improbable invented gestures for feelings. Where sordid daily life meets dreamlike fantasy, where horror meets comedy, madness and violence carry the spectator to the very heights of conflicting emotions. A sensational theatrical and choreographic roller coaster.

Revival of repertory piece performed in 2018

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  • 31 Rue Vandenbranden

    Extrait du spectacle

  • 31 rue Vandenbranden © Michel Cavalca


  • © Michel Cavalca


  • 31 rue Vandenbranden © Michel Cavalca


31 rue Vanderbranden

Design, choreography and staging

Gabriela Carrizo


Hildegard De Vuyst et Nico Leunen

Sound design

Juan Carlos Tolosa and Glenn Vervliet

Set design

Peeping Tom, Nele Dirckx, Yves Leirs and Frederik Liekens


Filip Timmerman et Yves Leirs


Diane Fourdrignier et HyoJung Jang

Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Why we love it

31 rue Vandenbrandenis a revival, in a revised version, of the acclaimed 32 rue Vandenbranden, which is no longer played.

Why we love it

31 rue Vandenbranden holds up a cruelly amusing — or amusingly cruel — mirror.

Why we love it

The piece tests the virtuosity of the dancers who rise to the challenge with flying colors.

Why we love it

Peeping Tom’s inspiration and vision bring the cinema to the stage.

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