Musique de chambre


from 12€ to 24€


Chamber Music Concert

  • Grand Ballet Studio
  • 1 hour

Programmes on Saturdays and Sundays, 1 hour of music with the musicians of the Opéra de Lyon in the Grand Studio of the Ballet.

  • 11:30
  • 11:30


Claude Debussy
Clair de Lune pour Vibraphone et Piano 

Steve Reich
Clapping Music

Perry Goldstein
Postcards from Rio pour Marimba et Trombone 

Marc Lys

Andrew Beall
Song of Almah, rose of Sharon

Domink Stoger
Kadenzurlaub  pour vibraphone trombone et piano

François Bogaert
Final pour Marimba et trombone

David William
Miami  Brubeck