As a family

Attend your first opera, introduce yourself to song and staging, discover dance, experience digital arts, visit a site of creation, become aware of music... throughout the season, the Opéra de Lyon offers encounters devoted to families and children as of the age of 3. Make the most of it !

  • Dance As a family 2019-20
    Lucinda Childs / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Maguy Marin
    Grande Fugue / Die Grosse Fuge / Grosse Fugue


    from 10€ to 40€

  • Opera As a family 2019-20
    Hänsel, Gretel ...
    E.Humperdinck / S.Menozzi - At the Théâtre de la Renaissance


    from 13€ to 25€

  • As a family 2019-20
    Colo toubifri - Course during the april break
    A brass-band for tutti, for 9-14 years old