The Opera is not necessarily limited to the duration of a show. The experience can start well before the curtain comes up and continue after the end. In this respect, the Opéra de Lyon offers an infinite number of alternatives to incite the spectators’ desire or make their pleasure last as long as possible.

Encountering a show

A digital pre-taste
Do you want to obtain an initial contact with the works on the programme, while entering into their visual and musical worlds? Check out the dedicated videos on YouTube and the playlists on Deezer via the Opera’s website, as perfect appetisers for the music.

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At the heart of works

The Spectators’ School
If you are not an opera specialist, join the spectators’ school. With a true educative desire, Xavier Rockenstrockly, a literature professor at UCLy, presents (in French) the operas via what they narrate and the context of their creation. Without holding out on a few surprises in the form of encounters with a musician, a singer, or a director who participates to support or illustrate their own approach.
In partnership with the Université Catholique de Lyon.
The Spectators’ School can also be listened to online, both live or replayed ! 

Go Maestro ! 
Everything you always wanted to know about the opera without ever daring to ask (in French).
Understanding musicians and their eras: an hour to discover such different worlds as those of Henry Purcell, Leoš Janáček or else George Benjamin, to understand the works and become more familiar with opera and its history. Classical or baroque? Romantic or contemporary? Musical keys to enter gently into the world of opera.
A regular speaker about music at the Opéra de Lyon, Charlotte Ginot-Slacik will be delighted to lead this new cycle of encounters.
Go Maestro can also be listened to online, both live and replayed ! 

Radio D.I.V.A. 
A convivial, casual mood at the Bar des Muses to approach works otherwise and explore hybrids between modern and operatic music.

Discover the programme of the encounters and talks 

Request the programme !

To find out everything about the upcoming shows, discover their detailed presentations (summaries, biographies) with also a few bonuses (full librettos, reference texts, interviews, photos), while acquiring a programme. Which can be kept, why not indeed, as a souvenir of an unforgettable evening.
Opera : 7€ (on sale online, by telephone or at the ticket office)
Dance : 2€ (on sale online, at the ticket office or from the reception team)
Concert : 3€ (by telephone or at the ticket office)


Extend the experience. Share the emotion

On leaving the show, emotions are still vibrant, and sensations present.
Share them with as many people possible (friends and family). And give us a sense of your experience of the evening by turning yourself into a critic or by quite simply dropping us a line on our social media.