Opéra Côté Cour 2016 ©Blandine Soulage

Cultural development

The Lyon Opera's cultural development team is dedicated to finding and developing joint projects with different communities and public bodies in the region.

Each season, more than 250 partner organisations and as many as 30,000 individuals take part in these custom-made projects, not only at the opera house but throughout the region.


Missions and audiences

School visits, community projects, opera house tours and meetings with the various teams who work there are all projects that give a privileged insight into the Lyon Opera, its productions and the artistic process. They encourage the use of different spaces, interaction and collaboration and result in multidisciplinary projects linked to contemporary creation.
These projects are mainly aimed at students, residents of inner-city neighbourhoods and those enrolled in health, disability, reinsertion and job-seeker programmes.


Partners and Territories

The projects are developed in consultation with the partners, taking into account their specificities, challenges and needs. The ballet, chorus, orchestra and children’s choir all take part, as do the Lyon Opera technical and administrative staff. In addition, the cultural development department partners with different companies and artists each season.
The Lyon Opera’s involvement in various professional networks is also an essential part of the cultural development team’s role.


Sharing Knowledge

The cultural development team is committed to the concept of sharing knowledge as part of its mission to communicate and exchange. With this in mind, the PREAC Opéra et Expressions Vocales (an educational resources centre dedicated to opera and vocal expression) was created at the start of the 2018 academic year with three objectives: to bring together and manage a network of education and culture professionals, organize training courses and produce resources.