A. Sciarroni

Alessandro Sciarroni



  • Toboggan, Décines
  • 1 hour

Together with the Opéra de Lyon Ballet, choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni offers a new version of FOLK-S, will you still love me tomorrow? his emblematic piece inspired by Tyrolean folk dance. Breathtaking and hypnotic.

  • 20:30
  • 20:30
  • 20:30


From Schuhplattler, this traditional Tyrolean dance of hitting shoes and legs with your hands, Sciarroni creates a series of combinations that test the dancers' physical endurance. As in They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, the piece ends when there is only one dancer left on stage or no more audience!

Archaisms and clubbing
Coming from the visual arts and performance, Sciarroni is fascinated by the limits of body performance and the exhaustion of forms, as already shown in 2016 with his TURNING-Motion Sickness, a real mystical experience created for the Opéra de Lyon Ballet, The Italian choreographer here works again with the company to re-create one of his emblematic works, the third part of a triptych begun with Untitled and Aurora. Taking motifs inspired by the Tyrolean Schuhplattler, Sciarroni rewrites traditional ideas in the collective imagination of clubbing, in order to better connect them to our times. At work: a relentless mechanism which reveals, through small variations on a pre-established pattern, a metaphor for the world and time that affects us. A post-modern performance which is both physical and intellectual, totally hypnotic, taking both form and purpose through to exhaustion.



Alessandro Sciarroni


Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld


Rocco Giansante


Ettore Lombardi

Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Why we love it

FOLK-S willyoustill love me tomorrow nous donne à voir la persistance des folklores dans notre monde contemporain.

Why we love it

Alessandro Sciarroni se révèle toujours habile à donner chair à des concepts forts.

Cette pièce d'une grande radicalité formelle met à l'épreuve la résistance des danseurs mais aussi celle du public.

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