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The Pajama Game

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Opera As a family 2019-20

At the Renaissance and Croix-Rousse Theaters

  • 2 hours
  • En français et en anglais
  • Subtitled
  • +12years

Booklet by George Abbott and Richard Bissell, music and songs by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

One of Broadway’s greatest successes of the 1950s with a tale of love and... trade-unionism. This work with its highly colourful characters is borne up by songs that have now become standards. A delight.

Performances at the Théâtre de la Renaissance : Thursday 12th December, 8pm / Friday 13th December, 8pm / Saturday 14th December, 7pm

Performances at the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse : Wednesday 18th December, 8pm / Thursday 19th December, 8pm / Friday 20th December, 8pm / Saturday 21st December, 7.30pm / Sunday 22nd December, 3pm / Friday 27th December, 8pm / Saturday 28th December, 7.30pm / Sunday 29th December, 3pm

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The shop steward of a trade-union in a pyjama factory in Iowa, Babe Williams, falls in love with the new foreman, Sid Sorokin, who returns her affections. But when the employees demand a pay rise of 7.5 cents an hour, the two lovers’ idyll is severely tested by the realities of a social struggle.

With a nod towards our times
When he transformed Richard Bissell’s short story, 7 1⁄2 Cents, into a musical comedy, the director George Abbott never imagined that it would be so successful. Surrounded by a dream team, including Jerome Robbins to assist him with the stage direction, Richard Adler and Jerry Ross as creators of musical hits, or else Bob Fosse for the choreography, he came up with Broadway’s greatest success of 1954! It was a stroke of genius based on a love story upset by social turmoil, with a gallery of irresistible characters and music with a communicative energy. The version on offer today, thanks to the director Jean Lacornerie, clearly chimes with the preoccupations of our era. While respecting the spirit of the original score, the conductor Gérard Lecointe brings out the quintessence of this rousing music.

Musical comedy, 1954 (St. James Theater, New York)
Libretto after 7 1⁄2 Cents by Richard Bissell
The Pajama Game is presented in agreement with the Music Theatre International (Europe) and the Agence Drama – Paris

New production
As a coproduction with the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon
the Théâtre de La Renaissance, Oullins
Lyon-Métropole and Angers Nantes Opéra

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  • The Pajama Game © Michel Cavalca


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  • The Pajama Game © Michel Cavalca



Conductor, arrangements and percussions

Gérard Lecointe

Stage direction

Jean Lacornerie


Marc Lainé et Stephan Zimmerli


Marion Benagès


Sébastien Jaudon

Double bass

Daniel Romero


Vincent Heden

Babe, saxophone

Dalia Constantin


Zacharie Saal

Mabel, violoncelle

Cloé Horry

Mae, alto

Mathilde Lemonnier

Charlie et Hasler, clarinette

Pierre Lecomte

Brenda, violon

Marianne Devos

Prez, trompette

Alexis Mériaux

Poopsie, flûte

Marie Glorieux

Gladys, saxophone

Amélie Munier

Why we love it

The Pajama Game est une fête.

Why we love it

On ressort de ce spectacle avec des chansons plein la tê.te et pour longtemps

Why we love it

Ce classique de Broadway réussit à rendre glamour une usine de pyjamas.

My Evening

  • Spectacle hors les murs

    Adresse et itinéraire du Théâtre de la Renaissance, Oullins.