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The Marriage of Figaro

from 10€ to 110€

Opera 2019-20

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 3 hours 30 minutes
    whose1 intermission (s)
  • In Italian
  • Subtitled

With a sense of theatre, and an unequalled musical and vocal invention, this is doubtlessly the most “perfect” opera by the genius of Salzburg, which is really saying something. Then add a staging by the filmmaker Olivier Assayas and you have something to make you sit up and take notice !

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Andalusia, at the end of the 18th century. Figaro and Susanna, the valet and the maid of Count Almaviva, are preparing their wedding. But the Count intends to seduce Susanna, come what may. Helped by the Countess, who is weary of her unfaithful husband, Figaro and Susanna attempt to escape from the traps set by Almaviva and his men so as to prevent their union.

The theatre and music, love and morality
To adapt The Marriage of Figaro, along with the librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, with whom he was later to write Don Giovanni and Cosi Fan Tutte, Mozart carried out a wide-ranging transformation of Beaumarchais’s play. Les Noces de Figaro is a transfiguration, a sublimation that adds proverbial Mozartian lightness to the playwright’s words, underlining with finesse its universal preoccupations: social injustice, love and morality, male/female relationships, the injustice of justice... Olivier Assayas, a renowned filmmaker, and music lover, whose work is inhabited by two major motifs, the present and women, has thrown himself into this staging of the Noces... as his first incursion into the world of opera. And, by grappling with this emblematic work by Mozart, he continues to explore the imbrication of singular lives and the way of the world.


Stage direction

Olivier Assayas


Anaïs Romand


Carsten Sander


Benjamin Krieg

Artistic collaboration

Sybille Wilson


Daphné Mauger

Count Almaviva

Nikolay Borchev

Countess Almaviva

Mandy Fredrich


Alexander Miminoshvili


Katharina Konradi


Giuseppina Bridelli


Agata Schmidt


Piotr Micinski

Don Basilio

Alexandr Gelah


Erika Baikoff


Enric Martinez- Castignani

Don Curzio

Ismaël Armandola

Orchestre et Studio de l'Opéra de Lyon

Ensemble vocal

Why we love it

Cette première collaboration de Mozart avec le librettiste Lorenzo Da Ponte est si réussie qu'elle annonce d'autres chefs d'oeuvre.

Why we love it

Les Noces de Figaro sont une grande oeuvre existentielle.

Why we love it

L'idée d'une mise en scène signée Olivier Assayas intrigue forcément.

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