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Opéra Underground

Franco-Occitan tradition and futurism

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 20:00

À propos

Sourdure, the solo venture of musician Ernest Bergez, has become Sourdurent, a new entity with four musicians trained in both traditional and experimental music.
L'espròva, Sourdure's 2018 album, is something of a UFO, a magnificent recording that is both cerebral and lyrical, traditional and futuristic.    
With Sourdurent, Ernest Bergez uses more cross-rhythm and polyphony (almost an obligation given that there are now eight hands involved). Still rooted in the repertoire of the Massif Central, the new arrangements do not shy away from crossovers, with imaginary or re-imagined repertoires borrowed from the Greek, Persian or North African traditions.
The result is music that can be listened to but that also makes you want to dance, combined with Franco-Occitan poetry delivered with real feeling.

Ernest Bergez : violin, voice, electronics
Jacques Puech : cabrette (bagpipes), voice
Elisa Trebouville : banjo, voice, percussion
Loup Uberto : 3-string bass lute, voice, percussion

A musical chimera, half one-man band, half mad scientist, Thomas Bonvalet is a multi-instrumentalist who has created a parallel universe through the use of many different instruments: various percussion and mechanical devices, wind instruments, customised household objects and a homemade amplification device.

Thomas Bonvalet : Banjo, mechanical metronome, tuning forks, claves, concertina etc.