OPERA_tion Martel

from 12€ to 22€

Opéra Underground

Siestes et concert

  • Amphi de l’Opéra

For Opéra Underground’s opening weekend, Seb Martel and his crack team have devised a show of several parts, with both siestas and concerts on the bill ! Listen first while you snooze, carry on listening when you wake up and then finish off the evening dancing and singing !

  • 16:00
  • 20:00
  • 12:00


Seb Martel is a kind of secret agent figure on the French music scene - a guitarist, producer,
and songwriter, he’s also an actor, an acrobat, even a dancer. If you don’t join in with him,
he’ll join in with you. He is constantly pushing his team to expand their musical boundaries,
accompanying them as they explore genres including jazz, rock, soul and Caribbean music.

Siesta + concert package = 30 €

  • Les Siestes Acoustiques Bastien Lallemant

  • La Féline

  • Beau catcheur

  • Laure Brisa

  • Papatef


guitares, voix, maitre d’œuvre

Seb Martel

DJ, percussions (Papatef)

Cyril Atef

voix, danse

Kylie Walters

contrebasse, voix

Sarah Murcia


La Féline


Laure Brisa


Fred Poulet


Anem Deroo


Nicolas Martel

guitare, voix

Bastien Lallemant