Loïc Lantoine & The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra

from 15€ to 28€

Opéra Underground

Big band and freeform song

  • Grande salle de l'Opéra
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 20:00


Loïc Lantoine, from Lille, started out as a lyricist, then became a singer. He began to write for other people, including Jehan and Allain Leprest, but eventually allowed himself the pleasure of singing his own songs. With the groups La Rue Ketanou and Mon côté punk. And then as part of a duo with bassist François Pierron. His diverse background meant a meeting with Toubifri, a Lyon-based collective of 18 musicians with all kinds of influences and backgrounds, was almost inevitable and it was love at first sight. They began to collaborate, working on a freer style of writing, with arrangements based around both conventional, and more frequently unconventional, ideas. Toubifri have absorbed a multitude of musical genres that they use as vehicles for Lantoine’s lyrics, with all the pleasure, sincerity and emotion they convey. However, this is not merely music as illustration. Loïc and Toubifri have formed a real writing collaboration, creating a multi-faceted body of work. This is music in the service of humanity - or perhaps vice versa. 

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