Benjamin Nid

L'attracteur étrange

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Opéra Underground

Peinture sonore - Composition live

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 20:00


Soundpainting is a system of sign language for improvised group composition, devised by U.S. composer Walter Thompson. 
Saxophonist and composer Benjamin Nid, who trained with Thompson, is very experienced in using this system with groups of all sizes, taking the Butterfly Effect, which posits the theory that the beating of a distant butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado in Texas, as his model. The chaotic progression from one event to the other is represented by a figure called a “strange attractor”, similar in some ways to Soundpainting, which is composition that is chaotic in an almost mathematical way.
Over the years, Benjamin Nid and l’Attracteur étrange have developed an impressive way of collaborating and are now past masters in the art of live composition using a range of sources - the improvisations are influenced and inspired by jazz, instrumental rock, film soundtracks and other unidentifiable bits and pieces, some of which are humorous and some serious. The result is a powerful experience where the listener feels they are participating in the creative process.

Jessica Martin-Maresco : vocals
Laura Tejeda : vocals
Damien Sabatier : alto saxophone
Florent Brique : trumpet
Frédéric Roudet : trumpet
Simon Girard : trombone
Jean-Baptiste Lacou : trombone
Maurizio Chiavaro : drums
Jérémy Garcia : keyboards
Jean-Paul Hervé : guitar
Etienne Kermarc : bass
Stéphane Giner : violin
Laurent Vichard : bass clarinet
Enrico Fiocco : electronic sensors
Benoît Voarick : real-time video
Benjamin Nid : musical director