Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields

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Opéra Underground

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Formed in 1995, Elysian Fields came out of the New York underground scene, where the barriers between jazz, experimental music and rock were still not clearly defined. Founded by singer Jennifer Charles and guitarist Oren Blowdow, their music has been described as “rock noir”, a reference to a certain type of cinema, normally filmed in black and white. Over atmospheric music, often with a slow beat, Jennifer Charles sings dark, poetic lyrics, bringing together an air of mystery and sensuality worthy of the jazz greats of the 1950s. The latest Elysian Fields album provides a musical setting for the poetry of Cao Xueqin, an 18th century Chinese writer who shares the group’s taste for stories of love, disillusion and pain, as well as a belief in the impermanence of all things. 

Jennifer Charles : vocals
Oren Blowdow : guitar, vocals
Sam Levin : drums