The Very Big Experimental

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As a family 2019-20

Musical Show

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 1 hour
  • +9years

Thunderous, spectacular, moving, the Very Big Experimental Orchestra are back, with a hair-raising concert. This concentrate of high-vitamin sounds will make your ears dance.

  • 15:00
  • 17:00


Once upon a time there were eighteen highly gifted musicians who loved creating together unclassifiable shows… Coming from the jazz scene, these improvisation pros mingle instrumental music, bodily or vocal percussions, texts, poetry and a good dose of craziness. The result brings a smile to the lips and restlessness to the feet.

Collective happiness
Founded in 2006, under the direction of Grégoire Gensse, the Very Big (or Toubifri!) is a large-scale band, whose main ambition is to push music to its extremes. To do so, nothing works better than experimentation. Armed with plenty of daring and talent, the eighteen musicians explode all the artistic frontiers. They fuse genres, and take their inspiration from all and any register, so turning music into a vast playground. Colourful, utterly joyous, and always full of emotions, their concerts are redolent of the freedom of invention. Coming from varied horizons, the members of this vibrant collective cultivate their differences like treasures. While contemporary jazz and improvised music are their favourite foods, they garnish the whole with indie rock, heavy metal and even Balinese gamelans. A true musical feast.

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Flute, alto flute, piccolo

Mathilde Bouillot


Elodie Pasquier

Baritone saxophone

Stéphanie Aurieres

Tenor saxophone

Thibaut Fontana

Alto saxophone

Antoine Mermet

Alto saxophone, soprano saxophone

Yannick Narejos

Alto saxophone

Benjamin Nid

Trumpets bugles

Yannick Pirri, Emmanuelle Legros, Félicien Bouchot

Trombones, euphonium

Aloïs Benoit

Trombones, tuba

Grégory Julliard


Mélissa Acchiardi

Electric piano

Anne Quillier

Electric guitar

François Mignot

Electric bass

Lucas Hercberg


Corentin Quemener

Drums and other electronic sound objects

Lionel Aubernon

Pourquoi on aime

Un répertoire unique où s’entrecroisent toutes sortes de musiques et d’improvisations.

Pourquoi on aime

Plus qu’un concert, une expérience scénique généreuse à l’énergie communicative.