Penelope - Hip-Hop and Video Musical Tale

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As a family 2019-20

From the age of 8

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 50 minutes
  • +8years
  • 15:00
  • 17:00


Thanks to a magical ticket given to her by her aunt, Penelope experiences some extraordinary adventures. As she daydreams under a tree, watching the trains pass by, she finds the means to bring together words, to make sentences dance, and compose stories full of images. This fantastical tale addressed to her parents makes us travel towards other lands.

Narrating, the better to dream
Combining rap and slam, this hip-hop tale draws the spectators towards writing with words, from words to song, from song to music, then from music to images. This artistic experience was conceived by Pascal Caparros and Martin Chastenet, specialists in new poetic proses. For over ten years, they have been staging words and designing endless dream worlds. The hip-hop aesthetic allows them to invest all kinds of narrative territories, while remaining very close to the audience. 
Through the story of Penelope, they teach us the power of dreams. Their “sonic post-card” is an invitation to us to escape from everyday life, to clamber aboard a high-speed train, and give free reign to our imaginations. Because the words woven together here may give rise to great adventures.

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Music, voice and composition

Martin Chastenet (Fish le Rouge)

Images and composition

Pascal Caparros

Pourquoi on aime

Le rap et le slam s’entrelacent dans un récit poétique dont la musique nous transporte.

Pourquoi on aime

Un conte hip-hop pour réaliser ses rêves, s’évader et mettre en mots ses émotions.

Pourquoi on aime

Pénélope invente des histoires qui nous font voyager.