Little Forest - Lilaho Compagny

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As a family

Pop up musical

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 30 minutes
  • +3years

Lilaho offers the very young a musical and sensorial immersion into a highly poetic forest. The set, which is deployed as if by magic, heightens the fantastical effect of this show with great delicacy.

  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 15:30
  • 17:00

À propos

When nature awakes after the long sleep of winter, there is magic in the air. The wind and the birds come to life, while tender green shoots start to raise their heads. 
Sitting amid a set animated by dreamlike images, the young spectators are rocked by the music. They witness the sweet return of fine weather.

When life awakens
Devoted to the very young, the creations of the Lilaho company set up a dialogue between music and animated images. With Little Forest, a dive into the world of vegetation is accompanied by a extremely rich sound palette, wavering between an intimate lullaby and electro-pop. A clarinet, ukulele, flute or else a melodica evoke birdsong, flying butterflies and the unfurling of leaves. The electro-acoustic music, spatialised around the audience, chimes with the transformations of nature. This gentle, colourful metamorphosis is revealed in a series of a poetic tableaus, within an enveloping set. It is a soft, reassuring enclosure in which all the senses are alert, attentive to the coming springtime. The Little Forest grows, opens its eyes and becomes emboldened, like the young spectators brought together in this bubble of gentleness.

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Design, writing, video and music

Lorette Zitouni


Isabelle Cagnard


Timothy Marozzi

Why we love it

Un spectacle sans parole où les images et la musique aiguisent les sens des tout-petits.

Why we love it

Une évocation tout en douceur du petit monde végétal qui s’éveille au printemps.

Why we love it

Conçu comme un pop-up géant, le décor en volume se pare d’images féeriques .