Colo Toubifri - Course during the october break


As a family 2019-20

Music with images, for 9-12 years old

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 2 hours 30 minutes

From 21st to 25th October 2019
The artists of the Very Big Band Orchestra invite the participants to an exceptional holiday camp aimed at different musical practices.

  • 14:30 17:30
  • 14:30 17:30
  • 14:30 17:30
  • 14:30 17:30
  • 14:30 17:30


One week to reinvent the world using images and sounds...
With the help of new technologies, or ancestral knowhow, come along to record and capture what surrounds you.
Transform it as your imagination dictates, then spread your creations around.
During this week, you will discover some astonishing instruments, the controls of video games that produce sounds or images, fantastical guitars that have been especially prepared, with a full range of effects to dress them up! And so you will make instruments with objects that you didn’t even know could make sounds...

Reservations open on 10th September


Vidéo, son électroniques, musique de joystick

Benjamin Nid


François Mignot

Flûte et ciné-concert

Mathilde Bouillot

Objets et lutherie sauvage ou urbaine

Yannick Narejos