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As a family

Opera for the very young

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 40 minutes
  • +3years

The Minute Papillon company has put together an indulgent journey through sounds, to whet children’s musical appetite. This feast of sensations is to be savoured with both the eyes and ears.

  • 15:00
  • 17:00


The world around us breathes, trembles and sings, just like that strange fruit placed at the centre of the stage. 
Three singer-musicians then open it delicately, slice by slice, to liberate the musical instruments it contains. Mozart, Bach, Rossini and many others accompany this sensorial awakening, like an ode to life.

The taste of sounds
At the beginning was the breath of the wind, the crackling of fire, the gushing of water… All joyous sounds reproduced by mankind to become melodies. Thanks to the Minute Papillon company, the song of nature now bumps into Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach or Britten. Under Violaine Fournier’s magical baton, these airs join up and invite us to travel. The utterly poetic scenography highlights a mysterious egg, which opens into pieces like a delicious fruit. This is a godsend for the three performers, who discover strange instruments. Handled skilfully, they produce weird sounds that make the imagination dance. From surprises to astonishment, the music slips like a poem into the children’s ears. It reveals its richness through acidic or spicy notes, with a unique savour. A superb musical appetizer.

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Artistic director, author, performer

Violaine Fournier


Angélique Bourcet


Alice Touvet

Author, Stage direction

Cyrille Louge

Instrument manufacturing

Jean-Luc Priano


Flore Fruchart/Antonine Bacquet (en alternance) /Guillaume Neel

Pourquoi on aime

Un fruit miraculeux, empli de trésors musicaux dont raffolent les tout-petits et leurs parents.

Pourquoi on aime

Ce spectacle savoureux et délicat, permet de retrouver le plaisir originel de la musique.

Pourquoi on aime

Le trio vocal de Minute Papillon nous entraîne dans un voyage sensoriel, teinté de douce poésie.