Pockemon (2018) / Walid Boo Pics - Body Painting Théo Haggai

Pockemon Crew

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Dance 2019-20


  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • +10years

Twenty years ago, the hip-hop dance group Pockemon Crew started at the very feet of Les Muses at the Opéra de Lyon, on the smooth courtyard of the arcades. They have now come back to the foundation site of their story to celebrate this anniversary with a creation.

  • 20:00
  • 20:00


It was set in the destinies of the hip-hop dancers of the parvis of the Opera and its classical performers that they would one day join together. This was the case in 2003, when the Opera invited the street dancers of the Pockemon Crew to a residency. 16 years later, for its 20th anniversary, this world-famous company is presenting Millesime, a creation associating the dancers of the Ballet of the Opera.

Celebrating dance  
What a journey they have made, this group of friends who made one spinhead after the other on the opportunely smooth parvis of the Opéra de Lyon! Since its beginnings and its first piece Sii...si!, the Pockemon Crew have presented no fewer than eight shows in over fifty countries, gained the status of a worldwide reference and has become a wonderful tale of emancipation. This is the story, as well as their saga of artistic fulfilment, which the company wanted to tell on the occasion of this creation, which is also an invitation to the dancers of the Ballet of the Opera. At the musical and scenic crossroads of these two universes, between rigour and folly, delicateness and dynamism, elevation and a rooting on the ground, Riyad Fghani, the artistic director of the Crew, is proposing a genuine sharing of experiences and sensitivities. There is no longer any question of choosing sides, between urban dance and ballet, but simply to celebrate dance, in all its forms and in all its acceptations.

New production
As a coproduction with Qui Fait Ça? Kiffer Ça!

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Artistic and choreographic direction

Riyad Fghani


Rudy Muet


Franck Laurent-Grandpré


Flavien Taulelle

Musiques additionnelles

Jon Hopkins, Sufjan Stevens

Invités et danseurs du Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Danseurs du Pockemon Crew

Karim Felouki, Naomi Ikomb, Antoine Lebigre, Kevin Berriche, Lionnel Kapamba, Yacinthe Valerie, Alex Thuy


Anna Romanova, Lore Pryszo, Samuel Pereira, Albert Nikolli, Maeva Lassère, Paul Vezin

Why we love it

Millésime grave dans le marbre l'histoire d'amour entre l'Opéra de Lyon et les danseurs hip-hop.

Why we love it

Ce spectacle est une nouvelle opportunité pour l'Opéra de briser les carcans artistiques.

Why we love it

Cette création, accessible à tous, est l'occasion idéale d'une sortie en famille ou entre amis à l'Opéra.

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