Grosse Fugue by Maguy Marin / © Stofleth

Lucinda Childs / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Maguy Marin

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Dance As a family 2019-20

Grande Fugue / Die Grosse Fuge / Grosse Fugue

  • Opéra de Lyon
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • +9years

How can a single work, in this case Beethoven’s Die Grosse Fuge, inspire three great choreographers with three radically different dance scores ? You will find the answer to this question during this evening.

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At an interval of twenty-five years, Lucinda Childs, Anne Teresa de Keermaeker and Maguy Marin worked on Beethoven’s Die Grosse Fuge so as to deliver three dance scores providing three visions of this work and of the conceptions of dance, here confronted by the spectators’ necessarily curious gazes.

One work, three crowns
Created in 2016 for the Ballet of the Opéra de Lyon, La Grande Fugue according to Lucinda Childs, offers an abstract vision of Beethoven’s work. In a clear, luminous space, a lace cage, lit like a lantern, projects stylised ornaments, in which the choreography is deployed between a classical vocabulary and contemporary geometry.
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s vision sets off a more intimate resonance with Beethoven’s score. The choreographer injects counter-points in a series of echoing, repeated gestural phrases performed by six male and two female dancers. This work, intentionally stripped of aestheticism, celebrates the body’s liberty and affirms the masculinity of its vocabulary.
Maguy Marins La Grosse Fugue is one of the Ballet of the Opéra de Lyon’s “classics”. In this piece, on the frontier between the classical and the contemporary, the Lyonnaise choreographer wanted to make Beethoven’s composition resonate in a “state of enthusiasm and despair”. She succeeded in doing so by launching four female dancers wearing blood-red dresses into a whirlwind of life in a race against death.

Grande Fugue


Lucinda Childs


Caitlin Scranton


Ludwig van Beethoven

Scénography, lighting and costumes

Dominique Drillot

Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Die Grosse Fuge


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker


Ludwig van Beethoven

Stage direction

Jean-Luc Ducourt

Sets and lighting

Jan Joris Lamers



Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Grosse Fugue


Ludwig van Beethoven


Chantal Cloupet


François Renard

Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Pourquoi on aime

On n'a pas souvent l'occasion d'assister à trois déclinaisons chorégraphiques de la même composition.

Pourquoi on aime

La Grande Fugue de Beethoven est considérée comme le couronnement de son œuvre pour quatuor.

Pourquoi on aime

Il s'agit là de la rencontre triplement enthousiasmante du répertoire musical classique et de la danse contemporaine.

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