Concert pour cordes et instruments à vent

Concert for strings and wind instruments

from 12€ to 24€

Concert 2019-20

At the Basilique Saint-Martin d'Ainay

  • Basilique Saint-Martin d'Ainay
  • 1 hour

A hero of romanticism is coming to Lyon! The musicians of the Opera are paying homage to Louis Spohr, that precursor of fantastical opera.

  • 20:00


This musical homage is a wonderful challenge : while he was once as famous as Beethoven, his contemporary, Spohr has now been forgotten by music-lovers. The inventor of romantic opera, with his Faust, and a defender of instruments which were little played at the time (the harp), he gave their credentials to new forms, such as his Nonette for strings and wind instruments.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sérénade K.388
Louis Spohr
Nonette en fa Majeur


Avec les musiciens de l'Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon

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