Les Primitifs du Futur avec Sanseverino

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A universal musical ball nicely reflects the wager taken out by the Primitifs du Futur, founded a good thirty years ago by the guitarist Dominique Cravic and the cartoonist Robert Crumb. In the popular balls of the mid-war period – 60 years before the invention of the term “World Music” – unabashed dancers took up polkas, pasodobles, fox-trots, waltzes and tangos – a global mosaic mixed up with an accordion.

Les Primitifs, faithful to the spirit of the musical ball, mingle the theremin and the accordion, the tango and the blues, without overlooking the 21st century, where they are nevertheless firmly rooted. Stéphane Sanseverino, a singer and guitarist who is also divided between tradition and invention, has long been their fellow traveller and is offering us a collaboration never seen before in Lyon.

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