Endangered Blood - Jazz Before jazz

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Ouch! Records and Opera Underground present

On the occasion of the French release of Endangered Blood’s album “Don’t Freak Out”, a double set from the Lyonnais label Ouch! Records.

The members of Endangered Blood are some of the most representative musicians on the New York scene. Their music is inspired by their respective pasts and practices, ranging from post-bop to Duke Ellington, from the avant-garde to New Orleans brass bands, or even post-punk and metal; Endangered Blood achieves a balance between the cosmopolitan intelligence of their compositions and the brute force of improvisation.

The pianist Mario Stantchev and the saxophonist Lionel Martin reinterpret the music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk. Born in 1829 in New Orleans, this pianist received a classical training in Paris, before becoming one of the first American composers to integrate into classic forms popular rhythms and harmonies, from Creole, Caribbean, African or Iberian origins. It is this cross-fertilisation which means that he is often seen to be the “missing link” in the history of jazz.

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