Cyril Cyril + Bégayer

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Opéra Underground

Bongo Joe meets Born Bad Records

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Opéra Underground and Le Marché Gare present CYRIL CYRIL & BEGAYER
Bongo Joe meets Born Bad Records

This Genovese duo, made up of two musicians whose affinities go further than their forenames, produce trance music which is at once basic and sophisticated – ranging from an arranged banjo, a melodeon and manual beats, to the sounds of skin plunged into the snows of Mount Ararat.The hypnosis produced by their music comes as much from this sonic craftmanship, as from an apocalyptic poetry, chanted in a monochord.

Appropriately enough, this is the stammering of transistor signals, echoes of electronic waste from the past, or even more distant rustic music and stuttered poetic scraps. A form of music which will be traditional by the next century.

Two groups – as distant cousins – have emerged from the fertile fields of Bongo Joe and Born Bad Records.

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