Banc de sable

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Clown et cirque

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 50 minutes
  • +6years

In this wonderful circus show, two clowns live their lives in a fantastical world, constructed by the grace of their movements. A physical and poetic creation, in which virtuosity rivals with emotion and laughter with metaphysics. 

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With the look of a princess, she has the stuff of a leader and the desires of a queen. As for him, he conceals beneath his clumsiness an unsuspected grace, as her dreamy, cunning companion. He carries, she vaults, she falls, he catches her. They chase flies like others chose windmills. As inseparable accomplices, their naïve games lead them onto slippery terrains, on which their true nature as clowns is revealed. 

The point of view of the clown 
Directed by Christophe Guétat, whose artistic research has been influenced by clowns and the burlesque, and with music by Marek Hunhap, this show by the Compagnie 126 approaches the world and the questions that agitate it from the point of view of the clown, that eternal misfit. Territory, power, union and dependency are other themes that are dealt with, born from the relationship between the two clowns who are Gwenaëlle Traonouez and Vincent Bonnefoi-Chalmels, and who transform the beach and its castles into a field of experience, simplicity and laughter. But this couple of clowns is also a couple of acrobatic stunts, which, more than any technical demonstration, places its figures at the service of a discourse. Going so far as to influence considerably the writing of this work, in its relationship with the body, and relations with others, or with risk. 

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  • © Marie Bienaim
  • © Marie Bienaim


Compagnie 126 kilos

Metteur en scène

Christophe Guétat

Création lumière et régie générale

Christophe Payot


Virginie Achard

Création Musicale

Marek Hunhap


Laure Vial Lenfant et Amélie Feugnet

Auteurs et interprètes

Gwenaëlle Traonouez et Vincent Bonnefoi-Calmels

Why we love it

Banc de sable fait rimer physique et poétique.

Why we love it

Un couple de clowns dotés d'une vraie charge émotionnelle.

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