Back Box

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Théâtre musical

  • Amphi de l’Opéra
  • 50 minutes
  • +7years
  • 15:00


A journey into the imaginary of a musician overwhelmed by his characters, in an eclectic show that shakes up categories and the public’s sensations.
Alone at his desk, a musician is writing under lamplight. He becomes projected into an imaginary world, where two singular beings thrive, who follow him like a shadow. He thought he was his own master, but the two of them invent a different story, full of mischief and surprises. He will now try to contend with these forces, which could well reveal him to himself… 

Sensorial quests
Revisiting the theme of capricious inspiration and characters who elude their creators, the Compagnie Kahlua is here placing the musical knowhow of its members at the service of an eclectic show. It is a chance for Matthieu Benigno and Alexandre Esperet to share their passion for music, but also their attraction for different forms of artistic and corporeal expressions: with crafted choreographies, elaborate scores, musical acrobatics they thus examine the connections between the theatre, music and movement. This varied range of practices and sensorial quests leads to a ludic series of sonic and visual effects, the performers playing and juggling with the emotions of the public, who are invited to discover atmospheres which are diverse as they are fleeting. If Black Box shakes up the categories of music, mime and scenic play, it also builds bridges between laughter, dreams and surprises. 

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Compagnie Kahlua

Design and stage direction

Matthieu Benigno et Alexandre Esperet


Bruno Sourbier


Olivier Pfeiffer


Alice Scarafia


Matthieu Benigno, Nicolas Cousin et Alexandre Esperet

Why we love it

Le thème des personnages qui dépassent leur créateur est un classique, ici savamment revisité.

Why we love it

La Compagnie Kahlua ne conçoit pas la musique sans lui adjoindre d'autres formes d'expressions artistiques qui sont autant de surprises.

Why we love it

Black Box est un excellent moyen d'aiguiser la perception du jeune public.

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